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A Rational Explanation for Life ?

A rational explanation for Life? Does such a thing exist? Perhaps, but it can neither be found in the realms of strict science nor stubborn theology.

It can be referenced only through analogies, for it is beyond what language can fully express.

Think about how all living organisms sustain themselves... All life forms, regardless of the complexity of the forms, must consume other matter in order to sustain themselves. The most familiar example can be us (human bodies). Our bodies sustain themselves through repetitive functions of consumption (food, water, air, etc) as well as other autonomous functions (heartbeat, breathing, sleeping, excretion of wastes, etc). It is accepted that without such functions the body could not sustain itself, and it would die (decay, turn into dust over time). It is also known that all of our bodily functions take place without our conscious intervention. They are carried out in a manner that is completely involuntary (aside from the logistics involved in eating, drinking, sleeping, etc).

So remembering what is often overlooked on the surface, we can now see that our physical bodies require the consumption and transformation of other matter in order to survive. Through this consumption of matter, energy is released (expressed). In fact, what is responsible for all life within the body? Scientifically speaking, the body stays alive through chemical reactions and electrical impulses. In other words, energy expressing itself. A constant field of energy flowing, transforming, coming, and going within us. It is energy that allows our bodies to take form and to survive. Without energy in a body it would cease to function and eventually dissolve. Physical death is when the energy seems to no longer exist within the body. But even that is not fully accurate. Even solid matter (such as a dead body), if we peered far enough into it, would reveal a field of energy (atoms) which is constantly in motion, and is inseparable from all other matter (the universal field in which all forms are created, organized, connected, and eventually dissolve back into).

Physical reality is able to appear as the totality of all forms because of this energy. Some examples include the energy in our bodies, energies expressed in galaxies, stars, planets, animals, plants, minerals, molecules, elements, atoms, particles, electrons, etc. Energy is the universal constant (per Wikipedia In physics, the law of conservation of energy states that energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another). And that is the nature of the universe. But where did this energy come from? Does it go anywhere? Or is this energy eternal, all pervasive, energy that has always existed? Why is energy as we know it expressed through the transformation and interaction of matter (for example, the creation and destruction of physical forms)? Is there something changeless and permanent in all of this? Everybody hopes so in one way or another (the inherent desire for something more). This hope has given rise to countless religious and spiritual beliefs evident in all human civilizations.

Conventional laws of physics already acknowledge the permanence of Energy (in other words, the timeless existence of energy from which all forms appear and disappear). The constant dance of forms consuming and creating other forms, that which allows the forms to BE, the field in which content arises, Being before it becomes something as Eckhart Tolle has put it.

For without it, nothing would even exist and we would not know the difference due to nonexistence. And that energy (Life) is what we truly ARE in this dreamlike, ever changing, dissolving reality. Our true nature is that of Life (Energy) itself. Therefore these bodies must be temporary forms, brought about by the evolution and organization of matter, through an intelligence far greater than the human mind. This intelligence is the all pervasive, indestructible energy that both physics, and spiritual notions point to. The same energy that governs all of the autonomous functions in the body (that which allows the brain to exist in the first place), the energy that creates stars and worlds, the energy that is also expressed through consciousness. And this is something that we are completely inseparable from, for how can we be separate from what we actually are? The most common (yet misunderstood) term which has attempted to describe the Life that we are, is God.

Monday, July 21 2008 12:38:08 AM in Philosophy

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